Heading back to the archery range today

Due the corona lockdown my archery range was closed, as all the sporting facilities have been closed.
Today, 05/12/2020 is the first day we can go back for shooting.
There are some major restrictions the club management is forced to made by the government. But on the range is on the range!

Till today i couldn´t shoot 50 Meters that year. Also i couldn´t start the compound season as next to my backyard on the one side is a paddock with cold-blooded horses, way to expensive to shoot on them  exidentally. On the other side is a busy street , also not the best place to shoot. So i only could shoot about 18m with a traditional bow, to prevent arrows to leave the property.

Hopefully the old settings will work...

Checking my trusty cloud photographs for the scope settings was probably not the best idea. Found a bunch of Photographs, which all could be the rigth settings. Or the wrong ones.

Don´t think we will set records today

After shooting my traditional bow for quiet a while now, i´m courious how shooting my compound bows will feel today.

Or should i shoot my recurve bow today. To many options.

But most important: I will try to film all of these to see what my firts 72 arrows with a compound in 2020 will look like.

More to come…

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