This is my recipe for burger buns under 15 min

For sure this is first of all a lie. 

You will need 2 hours and 15 minutes to be absolutely correkt. But you can make the work, where you have to really put your hands on in under 15 minutes. The remaining 2 hours are resting time where you can have a beer or build a garden shed or so.

Here is what you need:


430 grams all purpose flour

26 gram fresh yeast

31 gram sugar

9 gram salt

2 large egg

220 ml warm water

2 tbsp sesame seeds

olive oil


1 large enough mixing bowl

plastic wrap

parchment paper

kitchen towel

kitchen stuff


functioning baking oven



What you need to do:

This is a mans recipe, so only quickly running through the steps. As it is foolproof, that’s whiy i can make them, don’t be afraid to make these buns.

  1. Place all dry ingredients in bowl.
  2. put in the egg (without shell!) and the warm water
  3. mix for at least 3 minutes
  4.  take dough out of bowl, sprinkle bowl with olive oil
  5. put plastic wrap and towel on top
  6. let rest for 60 minutes
  7. cut dough in 6 equal parts
  8. form round dough balls
  9. place on parchment paper
  10. oil up the buns
  11. put plastic wrap and towel on top
  12. let rest for 60 minutes
  13. give the risen buns a egg wash
  14. sprinkle with sesame seeds
  15. bake in preheated oven (210°C / 410°F) for 15 – 20 min
  16. you’r done! Wait for the buns to cool down and make epic burgers!

See the video here:

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