saves you a ton of energy and prevents injurys - Archymedes - the lever arrow puller

In 2019 i ripped my arm and chest muscles while pulling arrows at the district archery championships. 

This led to a forced break in archery for nearly half a year. In this time i researched and experimented with a couple of arrow pullers (handheld an mechanical), some sorts of arrow lubes and so on. Most of them did a great job. But if you are shooting on compressed straw, as we mostly do in Germany, there are some limitations in getting your arrow out. 

If you shoot a high draw weight bow or compound bow, the arrow get seriously stuck in fresh Stramit or Karphos (as this straw stuff is called in Germany) or if this stuff gets wet.

So i decided to construct a arrow pulling device i call Archymedes – named by the famous greek physican Archimedes who once said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

The success in function surpassed even my expectations. My archery mates and me did several test in shooting on Stramit, foam, etc. targets and managed it to get every arrow out. no matter how hard it was stucked. Even shooting on tree trunks is no longer a problem. (Except the arrow ist already broken after hitting the obstacle.)

After we where absolutely convinced with the arrow puller, my mates forced me to try getting this device manufactured. But without any legal protection i wouldn´t give my blueprints to any manufacturer. So i decided to make a so called “Gebrauchsmustereintrag”. Means something like utility patent entry. This was approved by the german Patent and Trademark Office on 12/04/2019.

So if anybody is interested in manufacturing this device or in retailing it, drop me a mail:

Need more information?
Check out the german Patent and Trademark Office, in german language:

After the corona lockdown, i will put a video up, where you can exactly see the size of the device. And also show you the function and pulling force even on solid wood.

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