PARUM VITAE – the product to never be released

Big nature inspiration in a small glass box

PARUM VITAE means loosely translated “small life” and that describes perfectly the approach I have followed with the creation PARUM VITAE. In a small glass container of 20x20x30 cm (about 8x8x12 inches) is now a replica of a tree stump as close to nature as possible.This was made of clay and only subjected to a first bisque firing to guarantee a certain water permeability. inside the stump is hollow and holds about 1 liter of water (about 1/4 gallon).

Various plants were applied to the stump with a fine brown thread. Among them tillandsias, mosses, anubias and climbing ficus.

The entire setup sits on a bed of lava rock quarry and Tropica Aquarium Soil.

The plants in detail:
– Tillandsia bandensis
– Tillandsia butzii
– Anubias barteri var. nana
– Vesicularia montagnei Christmas Moss
– Ficus ficus pumila

The container is a set called Aquael Shrimp Set i bought online.

I will post updates regularly.

My resources:

Tank: Aquael

Soil: Tropica

Tilandsia: Dötterer

Clay and firing: Der Töpferladen Ulm

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