So lets make brats

Trying to make some old fashioned german brats

After a night, having some beers with my father and my brother, we decided to try out our skills in making some good old fashioned german Bratwurst. 

It turned out that this is an absolutely yummy way to waste your time. We made about 2.5 kilos (about 5.5lbs) of absolutley delicious Bratwurst. One part we made only seasoned with some salt, pepper and a pinch of garlic – the other batch we also seasoned with majoram, which turns the brats into franconian bratwurst (Fränkische). That level the brats game up.

  1. cut the cold meat into junks
  2. season and mix the hole batch 
  3. turn the meat through the meat grinder
  4. take 1/3 to 1/2 of the mass and place it in a mixer
  5. add about 1/3 of the mass in ice to keep the mixing process cool
  6. mix till you have a smooth but not greasy mass
  7. put together the ground meat and the mixer mass
  8. mix well
  9. put into sausage casing (preferable with a sausage filling machine)
  10. sear an cook in a sip of frying oil
  11. Enjoy fresh german style brats

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