This year i want to make some major progress in archery

As the last years have been very challenging regarding archery, i made a promise to myself to lift my archery game to the next level.

Since 2010 i had shoulder struggles, a biceps surgery on my bow arm, ripped my triceps and chest muscles while pulling arrows, had an ugly inflammation in my right ringfinger, crushed my knee and so on. Not all archery related, but all related to my scores.

This year i try to stay away from these little annoying stitches and train back to better scores.


Right now i use my self made Recurve-Long-Hybrid-Bow to get back to form and strength. This little fellow just bring  28lbs peak draw weight, but as a compound archer this feels enough to gain holding muscles and steadiness.

My goals in these exercise stadium are:

  • steadiness
  • strenght
  • regaining back muscles
  • releasing via backtension
As part of this exercises i try to make 72 arrows every single day.
I call that 72ESD and will post my progress also on Instagram with the hashtag #72esd
Does #72ESD make sense? i don´t know if it´s suitable for everyone, but as you see on thepic above, right now i can hold my arrows in the center of an 50m Spot on 20m distanz. As my archery range is closed du to the corona lockdown i only hhave 20 Meters left.

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